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Campaign Encyclopedia is a tool designed to help game masters, world builders, storytellers and gamers create and manage the incredible places, people, and things that they dream up. It was designed with pen and paper table top games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, FATE, Gamma World or even your own home-brew system in mind.


Campaign Encyclopedia does not keep track of hit points, crunch, character sheets or anything of the sort, (there are already tons of great tools available to meet those needs). The focus here is placed on people, places and things and how these elements relate to one another.
Game masters can specify these relationships between PCs, NPC, key historical events, important items or artifacts, places and organizations. Once defined, these relationships become links that help you navigate your campaign, not unlike a wiki - but in Campaign Encyclopedia the links define a very specific meaning. If the relationships provided with the application don't suit your world - they are re-definable from within the application.
Once defined, graphical representations of the relationships in your game-world are available in order to help you understand the complex interrelationships between your characters, places and everything else.

Public and Secret Data

The details of your NPCs, PCs, places, legendary items and secret organizations are organized into public description, relationships and tags and secret description, relationships and tags, allowing you as a game master to keep your public and secret knowledge straight. If you'd like you can also create things that are entirely secret. All of your data is quickly searchable by name, type and tag.

Customizable Calendar and Timeline

Campaign Encyclopedia enables you to create a customized timeline for your world that shows the most important events in its history. In support of this, you can define your own customized calendar just as you've imagined it for your game world.
A graphical representation of your world's history is also available, and you can view your timeline events in month, year, decade or century resolution. 


You can also export your campaign to both PDF with or without any secret data. The PDF is cleanly formatted with a title page, table of contents, timeline and the information on each of your campaign's entities, with secret and public data clearly marked. If you choose to export without any of your secrets revealed you can provide this document as a reference to your players.
Its also possible to export Campaign Encyclopedia's native campaign file format (JSON) without secrets if your players want to give Campaign Encyclopedia a try. 

Download the latest version of Campaign Encyclopedia here:

Older Versions of Campaign Encyclopedia are also available, if you prefer your software with fewer features and more bugs.  :)
To install Campaign Encyclopedia, simply unzip the file.  That's it.  It can be placed anywhere on  your computer and doesn't clutter up registries (Windows) or get integrated by a package manger (everyone else).

Once you've done this, simply run the run.bat or script and you're off!

System Requirements
  • Windows, Linux or Mac (batch and shell scripts included)
  • a Java 8 Runtime Environment
  • about 30 MB of space.

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